Baptiste Devessier

I'm Baptiste Devessier, a full stack web and XState freelance consultant. When I'm not consulting on freelance projects, you will find me recording screencasts for YouTube, writing articles, and working on my side projects.

You can find me on many platforms:

  • I post my thoughts and the progress of my projects on Twitter
  • The code of my projects is open-source on GitHub
  • My screencasts live on YouTube
  • I co-host Parlons Dev, a French podcast about web development
  • And I try to be more active on LinkedIn

Are you looking for a web developer who loves building complex UIs? Contact me.

Last video

I'm currently focusing on making videos on YouTube. Check out my latest video and my channel.

Latest articles

  • Create videos as React apps with Remotion

    Create dynamic videos with Remotion using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and React. As a tech content creator, I have found many use cases and showcase them today.

  • Expressive Code: My go-to code syntax highlighter

    A new syntax highlighter, Expressive Code, makes it a no-brainer to highlight code. It has many wanted features by default, like line markers and multi-themes support, and works in any build system.

  • My first impressions of Panda CSS

    Tailwind CSS vs. Panda CSS: A comparison of styling solutions for the web, covering type safety, merging styles, and component variants.

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